Amel Tuka, third fastest runner in the World, visits Bosna Sema International School

The best B&H athlete Amel Tuka held a seminar on his success and he presented himself to about 700 students of Bosna Sema Educational Institutions in a crowded cinema hall of the International School in Sarajevo

27. Oct 2015. | 10:51 | A.D

Tuka started the seminar with a short reference to his beginnings, i.e. when he started training and how he fall in love with athletics. As he admits, he did not immediately started training athletics, he was actually engaged in karate and he was training for the black belt. One of the coaches actually convinced Tuka to start training athletics.

"I have never even dreamed that I might be engaged in athletics. I started training in 2009, and as early as in 2010, I won the cup for seniors in Malta. That was my very first actual success."

After Malta, Tuka became team champion of B&H, than the cup winner in Slovakia and later on in 2013 he won the 3rd place at the European Championship. However, Amel does not stop to string successes and represent B&H in the best way possible. Two years later, he participated in the competition in Istanbul and became a champion, and then he went to the finals of the European Championship in Zurich. The biggest ascent in the career of this 24-year-old athlete is certainly winning the bronze medal at the World Championship this year in Beijing.

On the question on how he felt when he won such a prestigious medal, Tuka modestly replied that it is very difficult to describe that feeling, especially when you consider amount of sacrifice, hard work and effort, adding that he felt like on top of the world and that it is the most beautiful thing that ever happened to him.

When asked whether he had and how much of the support from B&H authorities, our best athlete said that he never expected support from anyone and that he achieved almost all of his results together with his coach and president of his club Suad Kaknjo. He also added that he had the support of small local community of Kakanj and Zenica Municipality, however he did not have the support of higher B&H authorities.

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