Neum: Bosnia’s glimpse of the Adriatic Sea

Neum is a town at the very south of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the South Adriatic touristic region and it is Bosnia’s only exit to the Adriatic Sea. The town is closed off from the open sea by peninsulas Pelješac and Klek and their beautiful harbors, touristic and fishing settlements

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Neum is a city, tourist destination and the only municipality of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Adriatic coast, located on the hilly coastline of the Neum-Klek bay. The city focuses on tourism and disposes of more than 7,000 beds. The hotels are open throughout the year. All bigger hotels offer diving, parasailing, rental of boats and water scooters. All prices are lower than in the neighboring Croatia, so it is wise to make accommodation reservations beforehand when traveling there during the peak season.

Geographical information

The municipality has an area of 226 km2, 5600 inhabitants, and the city itself has around 4000 inhabitants. The length of Neum riviera is 9 km, and thanks to the fact that the coast is indented, this length amounts to 24 km. It was named after the ”old Neum”, located in the inland 2 km of the coast. Neum is truly a new city built on the steep slopes of the bay in the second half of the last century. The construction of Neum became more intensive after the construction of the Adriatic highway in 1965, and especially after the establishment of the municipality in 1978.

The Adriatic highway that passes through the city connects it to Dubrovnik (66 km) in the south, and Ploče (35 km), Makarska (80 km) and Split (140 km) in the north. An electric railwayline and the Sarajevo – Opuzen highway (18 km) pass through Neretva valley, from Sarajevo (210 km) through Mostar (75 km) and Ploče. Ćilipi airport in Dubrovnik is 90 km away, Mostar airport 70 km and Split airport 170 km. Such connections open up excellent tourism opportunities for Neum throughout the year.

The climate is Mediterranean, with many sunny days. The sea temperature in July and August goes up to 27°, and winters are mild, it snows rarely. As regards the winds, the prevailing winds are mistral, tramontane (bora), sirocco and lebić, a southwest wind.


Neum has a far-reaching and complex history. It was mentioned for the first time way back in the 6th century. Several books and studies have been written about its past and events, rulers, etc. In 1945, upon defining of boundaries between the former republics of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia it has stayed within Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it lies even today.

First resorts were built in mid 50s of the last century on the coast. As of 1965, the Adriatic highway passes through Neum. A car camping site was built immediately after that, and the intensive construction of worker hotels is followed by the construction of other supporting tourism structures: restaurants, shops, entertainment structures. The first hotel – hotel “NEUM” was built in 1977. (VMC)

The municipality of Neum was established in 1978, as a local self-government unit and the center of further tourism, catering and other development of the city and its surroundings. That is followed by the construction of other hotels, city and overall tourism infrastructure, business and housing buildings, electricity, water supply, shops, phone lines, and all other elements that make Neum an urban center today, with a rich offer for tourists.

Why go to Neum?

The geographical position of Neum is very convenient for tourists, because of its proximity to the major tourism destinations in neighbouring Croatia. Considering that the price of accommodation and food in Neum is much lower than in nearby destinations in Croatia, Neum is very popular with travelers who prefer good value for their money. Dubrovnik International Airport is only 85 km away from Neum, and there are regular bus lines from Dubrovnik to Neum (along with multiple buses to Mostar and Sarajevo); additionally, most of the hotels and some of the private accommodation in Neum are available to book online.

Hotel accommodation is somewhat more expensive than private accommodation, but still far cheaper than in surrounding destinations in Croatia. The average price for half board in hotels ranges from €30 (low season) to €70 (high season) per night and per person and price of private accommodation can be as low as €10 per night and per person, but it could also be more expensive if it is villa or aparthotel accommodation type.

The main resort area of Neum is quite compact, but as it rises steeply up from the water, occasional cab travel (such as to the loading area for buses to Dubrovnik, Sarajevo and Mostar) is necessary and tends to cost a fare of €5. There are also a number of excursion boats as well. (Source: wikitravel.org)

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