Sport is a way of living: It is impossible to achieve results quickly

Amel Tuka marked the year 2015 with his great results. Third place at the World Championship in Beijing, excellent performances at the Diamond league meetings and the best record of this season are only some of the indicators of how fast Tuka ran

16. Nov 2015. | 20:01 | Interview by Amel Duranović

We used the recent visit of bh. athlete to the editorial staff of Novo vrijeme as an opportunity to make an interview with him and to talk a bit about his future plans as well as about the situation in bh. sport in general

This young man from Kakanj of whose talent we wrote two years ago too showed once again just how much he appreciates the media attention readers give to him.

'I decided to use this month of rest to pay a visit to all the media that asked for it. That is my way of meeting everyone and to talk about different subjects. Since my trainings started, I have less and less time for the media and other duties. I sacrifice it all for the sake of my trainings so I could prepare myself as best as possible for next year' – says Tuka for Novo vrijeme.

NV: What is the proper way to set goals and achieve them?

Ever since the beginning of my six years long training, I did things the right way. It's impossible to recommend someone a certain nutrition and then expect results in about a month or a year. It takes time for everything. I have, thank God, led a disciplined life since the beginning and it turned out to be correct. Since 2009, everything that had to do with food, sleep and rest was organized in such a way to achieve good results. Lots of people ask me how to succeed. It requires years of work, habits that keep your body in a healthy state, rest. You must not find it hard to get up at five or six o'clock in the morning or to sleep an hour or two during the day. For me it is not sacrificing because I want it to be so and I enjoy it.

NV: How to create a healthy way of living?

Often while I practice at the gym I see many boys coming there without a clear and serious goal. Just to stand in front of the mirror and make a photo of themsleves lifting weight or something like that. People sometimes don't know what they are doing. To do something without a certain goal is a bit funny. It would do them better to consult some coach or a fitness expert, someone who will make an adequate program for them. I have my own program for the gym and I follow it exactly as my coach proscribes it for me. Nothing else.

NV: Although you are young and at the very beginning of your career, do you see some new talents of bh. athletics that could achieve some great results?

There are many of them in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mesud Pezer is the junior champion of Europe in shot put. He is currently going into phase junior-senior, the shot is heavier so he has to get used to it, get stronger. I think he will fulfil the Olympic standard. Hamza Alić did. There is Dejan Mileusnić, javelin thrower too. All of them work and train very hard and it takes just a little bit more and they will have excellent results. We must not forget the youngest talents neither like Mujezinović who trains in Zenica.
We also have this slight problem with insufficient education coming from the coaches themselves. they do lead you up to a certain level but then when it takes that 'little something' – they fail. For example, I met my coach in Italy in 2013. Back then he told me it is going to take at least two years of work and trainings for my organism to get used to a new program. In less than two years we managed to achieve excellent results.

NV: You mentioned talents. How can we get kids to p Personally, I never trained to become famous or to get people to talk about me – it was always out of love I felt for athletics. When you do things from the heart you choose the right way; as soon as you start looking for interests you lose. ractice more sports instead of 'worshipping' smartphones and technology?

Coaches in Italy also think that children who have everything are harder to motivate. Their parents simply provide them with all sort of things like mobile phones etc. from the early age. I am not saying this is wrong but there has to be some kind of mesure and limitation. Children are inseparable from their phones today, they don't even go out anymore and even when they do train, they do it for their parents. Very often these kids train only physically but their thoughts are at home and they hardly wait to get back there and continue to play games. Parents should think about that much more instead of bragging how their kids have 'superphones'.
I grew up with internet and phones too but there was some mesure in everything. Will plays an important role here. Some children have top conditions and their parents finance their activities easily but all of that is in vain if the child has no will or motive to do it. It's as simple as this: Who really wants it – he does it, who doesn't want it – he does it all in vain. I had no top conditions but I was fighting and motivating myself at the same time.

NV: It seems that young people more and more often measure success by the money they make of it? In what way can we change that?

Personally, I never trained to become famous or to get people to talk about me – it was always out of love I felt for athletics. When you do things from the heart you choose the right way; as soon as you start looking for interests you lose. My coach shares my opinion. In such situations there is no pressure of things have to be done in some spectacular way. I remember travelling from Kakanj to Zenica; I had five or ten BAM in my pocket and I didn't care. I have much more today but I still don't care. What matters is that I am happy, satisfied and that I enjoy it that way.

NV: What is the biggest disadvantage when it comes to sports in BiH in your opinion?

When I was starting I was constantly repeating the sentence 'provide me with conditions' and I'll take care of the rest. It's the same now. The children who really want do to something must be provided with good conditions, they must be supported. It looks like it takes a certain time for everything. The whole system has to be changed.
NV: The preparations for Olympics in Rio have began. What are your plans till the Olympics?

I have began preparing, yes. The Olympics in Rio are the main competition next year and I will prepare just for this. It is my priority. I will try to remain in shape through competitions at the sports hall too; there is a competition there to be held in February or March too so the season will not be 'boring' and filled just with trainings. Soon I am also leaving for Italy where I will continue to practice with my coach. It's much easier when you are working with someone and also because you isolated and therefore more focused. It is exactly what I need: dedication to trainings and obligations. Next year there is European championshiop but I still don't know if I am going to compete. That is yet to decide, along with my coach.


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